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Membership Requirements

In Terms of Membership
  • The member of Indonesian Bankers Bond is a citizen of Indonesia and foreign national who fill the requirement of member and who has been established as a member by the Indonesia Banker Institute.
  • The membership of Indonesia Banker Institute includes:
    • REGULAR MEMBER. Those who meet certain requirements, consisting of :
      • Currently working or had worked at Commercial Bank and Islamic Bank with minimum level as Officer, or in Rural Bank with at least one level below Director.
      • Do not fulfil the requirement above but own a banking competence certificate specified by Central Board.
    • MEMBERS OF HONOR. Those who meet certain requirements, consisting of :
      • Government officials, private or instance with strategic role in the development of Indonesia’s banking industry.
      • Individual who has contributed to the development of banking industry in Indonesia.
      • The members of honor shall not become a member of Central Board, shall not pay any fee, and do not have voting right in the General Member Meeting.
Membership Requirements
The membership of Indonesia Banker Institute includes :

  • Mandatory requirement which includes general requirement and the technical requirement.
  • General requirement is applicable for all level of memberships, includes:
    • Obeying and paying high respect to Indonesian Bankers code of ethics;
    • Widely known as person with integrity;
    • Having high social responsibility;
    • Mastering technical skill from the competency certificate specified by the Central Board of Indonesia Banker Institute;
    • Never committed crime and never get warning/punishment related to criminal activity.
  • Detailed technical requirement specified by The Central Board.
Decision Making Authority on Membership
  • Regarding membership issues, decision making authority are set as follows :
    • Regular Members of Membership Committee who consist of :
      • President or representative of Organization, Membership & Advocacy Division;
      • President or representative of Research, Assessment & Publication Division;
      • President or representative of Profession Guidance & Development Division;
      • General Secretary and President, assisted by Executive Director as Committee Secretary.
    • Members of Honor of The Central Board.
Member Registration Procedure
  • In order to be a member of Indonesia Banker Institute, the prospective members should propose a written application by filling the form.
  • The Central Board will observe whether the prospective member fulfil the technical requirement and therefore decide based on Article 11 of Indonesia Banker Institute’s Bylaw
  • The decision on member application is informed in written form by The Central Board. If the application is accepted, his/her membership will be valid from the decision date, and the prospective member will accept the membership certificate.
Member’s Rights
  • General requirement, applicable for all the level of membership, includes:
    • Participate in the Members General Meeting and use his/her voting right
    • Elect and be elected to be a member of Central Board, member of division and member of Regional Leader Council.
    • Participate in Indonesia Banker Institute programs and utilize Indonesia Banker Institute facilities.
    • Propose and suggest to improve Indonesia Banker Institute programs.
Member’s Obligations
  • Member of Indonesia Banker Institute is responsible to:
    • Highly respect and keep the image and honor of banker’s profession.
    • Understand, live, obey and implement Indonesian Bankers Code of Ethics, Statute, Bylaw, and also the decisions made by Indonesia Banker Institute.
    • Foster unity with each members and bankers.
    • Pay membership annual fee regularly.
  • Members shall sign the Confirmation Letter as an official declaration to obey the rules and obligations.
End of Membership
  • An Indonesian Banker Association membership might end because the member:
    • Passed away;
    • Being dismissed on his/her own demand.
    • Being dismissed due to heavy violation of Indonesian Banker’s Code of Ethics.
    • Being dismissed due to failure fulfilling one of Indonesian Banker Association membership’s obligation.
    • Being placed under remission or declared bankrupt, in which case the membership is terminated from the date the court decides that the member is placed under guardianship or bankruptcy.
    • Being sentenced by the lawful court for committing a criminal act.
Sanction of Membership
  • Indonesian Banker Association member who fails to perform the obligation or violate the term of membership might be penalized by the Central Board such as:
    • Written warning.
    • Suspension as a member (temporary dismissal).
    • Permanently dismissed as a member.
  • Santions might be imposed individually or collectively along with other sanctions such as revocation of rights.
  • Written notification might be given three times (maximum) according to the severity of the violation committed by the member. The second warning shall take place in 6-month period from the first warning. If the member concerned cannot accept the warning, he/she is allowed to submit self-defense.
  • When the member concerned commit a heavy violation of Indonesian Banker’s Code of Ethics, the Central Board might appoint Honorary Profession Committee to examine and determine the weight of the violation, then submit a suggestion to the Central Board who will make the decision.
  • Before imposing sanction on member who is allegedly violating Indonesian Banker’s Code of Ethics, he/she is given the opportunity to defend himself/herself by presenting mitigating factors.
  • Suspension (temporary dismissal) is given for 3 (three) months and can only be extended once. During the suspension, the member concerned might be found guilty and followed by revocation of his/her rights or found innocent.
  • Member who has been dismissed by the Central Board cannot be accepted as a member of Indonesian Banker Association, unless the Central Board decides another policy.